Tune-L Events / Production & Management has been found in 2013. The company has been working with many different event companies such as Divaa Events, VL Events, Studio Live London Gigs… The company is producing a variety of different events mostly for youth. It is a known company in the Turkish Community. The company also does management work for international DJs’.  


Tune-L Events/Production & Management has been established in May 2014. With “The Voice Of Youth Events” slogan it’s been running successfully and has become one of the most popular Turkish event companies in Turkish Youth and Turkish Communities.


Tune-L Events/Production & Management is one of the leading club Events Management company in the scene and have been for the past few years. Tune-L Events are not just a promoter but event manage all their clubs/events with a full team.

Tune-L Events plays a huge role in the London nightlife scene managing some of the biggest 'A LIST' events including doing events with  Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, Drake, Flo-ride, Rihanna, Swedish House Mafia, BMW, Sony BMG, MTV, Black Eyed Peas and many others. 

Whatever the occasion, whatever the celebration, Tune-L Events can arrange parties of all sizes to be held any day of the week. Great offers for birthday celebrations and Christmas/Corporate packages.